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13.5 cms. Weighing 1.1 kg. Stone Removed from Bladder.

Dr. Devendra Patil The chief Urologist of Ishaan Urology & Kidney Care Hospital which is located in heart of Vasai, Palghar. Dr Devendra has performed surgery on a 72 years old male names Mr. Edward Warner who is a resident of Vasai, Palghar.

This extraordinary record breaking surgery was performed on 16th September 2016. A huge Bladder Stone weighing 1.1 kilogram with 13.5cms in size was successfully extracted from patient’s bladder with help of super speciality machinery available at Ishaan Multispecialty Hospital.

As per the patient’s history almost 20 years back Mr. Edwards Urinary Bladder (Urine Bag) was removed due to suffering of Cancer. And a new bladder was created with help of usage of patient’s intestines. This resulted in formation of the Urine Stone in his bladder which was gradually growing bigger and bigger, in turn the pains and trouble started growing with the patient. Due to this reason the patient approached Dr. Devendra Patil for further diagnosis and treatment. A procedure of Sonography was carried out where a large stone was detected in patient’s bladder. Hence the operation was such case was inevitable.

So with all consents the required necessary operation with help of all the ultra-modern super speciality machinery was successfully performed at Ishaan Hospital by chief Urologist Dr. Devendra Patil and Uro – Oncosurgeon Dr. Soumyan Dey and other associates.

Limca Book of Record - Removing 1 KG Kideny stone by Dr. Devendra Patil.

The result of this record breaking operation has removed a huge bladder stone weighing 1.1 kilogram with 13.5cms in size. This Unique surgery became the talk of town topic for all and a very proud moment for all the Ishaan Hospital Team. Family members, Relatives and all other public appreciated all the efforts and congratulated Dr. Devendra Patil for his skills and mastery in the field of Urology and Kidney Care. Everybody thanked and blessed the doctor for his further endeavour.

The Multi-Speciality Ishaan Urology & Kidney Care Hospital is having state of art infrastructure and is very well equipped with all the advanced machinery and all the advanced types of Lasers required of Urology and Kidney Care treatments.